Just as jigsaw pieces fit together to form a complete picture, our combination of talents complement each other to offer a unique service

  Diane Hall

I trained as a Driving Instructor in 2002, and soon discovered that many good drivers failed their test because of a silly mistake,  more often than not due to nerves getting the better of them. I wanted to help my students learn to drive in fewer lessons, and to combat test day nerves.  My pupils were amazing and willingly tried so many methods during the 18 months I spent researching the best way to help them.  They found ‘Thought Field Therapy’ techniques truly amazing in reducing their nerves and anxiety, helping them to keep calm on their driving test and able to control their emotions, rather than their emotions controlling them. Not only did my pass rate increase after my pupils used the L of a way 2 Pass techniques, but they also passed in fewer lessons: Win Win!

Once I knew I had found the ‘winning formula’ to help my pupils, my goal was that other instructors and learners could benefit so I developed a training programme for Driving Instructors, and published ‘L of a way 2 Pass’ to reach learner drivers, and instructors all over the UK.  There are now Accredited L of a way 2 Pass Instructors in many parts of the UK, and many more will be trained in 2018.  The book is rated 5* on Amazon thanks to all the lovely learners and instructors that have taken the time to write reviews.

As with anything a bit ‘different’ I encountered many sceptical learner drivers and fellow driving instructors!  However, as the L of a way 2 Pass techniques became more widespread, people began to realise what my students and I already knew….the techniques worked! From initial scepticism in 2008, during the next few years, I spoke at many events, and in 2013 when I was a guest speaker at the ADINJC (Approved Driving Instructor National Joint Council) I was honoured to receive the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

Video downloads for learners and instructors featuring all the techniques from the book are now also available, and both the book and videos have a specialist section to help learners with dyslexia/dyspraxia combat the issues they may face when learning to drive.

Many of my students told me that they also used the techniques to help them with college exams and this lead me to develop the L of a way 2 Pass Schools Programme, to help students sit their exams stress free, and to help teachers to perform well during classroom observations and Ofsted Inspections. This programme has the backing of Youth Enterprise, and is endorsed by Staffordshire University, and Stoke on Trent City Council.

Since 2008, L of a way 2 Pass has received many accolades, including:

  • Road Safety Challenge award from UnLtd, the Millenium Awards Trust for Social Entrepreneurs
  • Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council – Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry
  • Nominated for the Golden L Award for the Driving Instructor that has Shown Dedication to the Industry’.
  • Columnist for adiNEWs for 18 months
  • L of a way 2 Pass techniques featured in all Driving Test Success Products
  • Trained over 100 TTC trainers in 2013 in L of a way 2 Pass techniques
  • The Driving Instructors Learning Environment – contributor and webinar presenter
  • Endorsed by Staffordshire University and Youth Enterprise.

I couldn’t have done this without the help of my students, so a big thank you to all of you who helped me to develop L of a way 2 Pass.

  Chris Allsopp

As a result of an industrial accident in 1999, I became a wheelchair bound paraplegic,  experiencing excruciating pain seizures, with morphine as my constant companion, I felt a total loss of identity, and truly was ‘in crisis’.  In 2004, after being in a wheelchair for five years, I reached a crossroads; I could let this condition control my life, both physically and emotionally, or learn how to take back control.

I had always had an interest in human behaviour, and this lead me to enrol as a mature student to study psychology. I had a voracious appetite for knowledge, and even kept coming off my pain medication to study as the meds made my brain ‘fuzzy’.  Over the next few years I gained many qualifications, including a First Class Honours Degree in Psychology, specialising in Behavioural Psychology. I completed the Masters Degree studies at Sheffield and finished my research studies two years later.  Through this long journey I began to find my true identity and came to the realisation that it wasn’t just the additional letters after my name that enabled me to help people, but my own particular life experiences.

I have a unique approach to helping people. I’ve been there, I’ve sat in ‘the therapy chair’, I’ve experienced the terrors of panic, and the utter loneliness you feel. Obviously, everyone’s emotional journey is different, but understanding my own  path has given me a unique insight and empathy towards everyone I work with.  The phrase ‘physician heal thyself’ epitomises my life.  Yes I had the qualifications, but before I could heal others, I had to learn how to heal myself. Sitting in the wheelchair day after day, staring at the same wallpaper, no longer the provider for the family, I’ve known the darkest of days.

Having been in a wheelchair for 11 years, in 2011 I had surgery to remove scar tissue and after a three year struggle to walk,  I gained my independence from the wheelchair, and I am now a prolific rambler. Would I choose to spend eleven years in a wheelchair, of course not. However, I now live every day to the full, and feel truly blessed for the life that I have, and if I can share my knowledge, experience and expertise with you to help you find peace, happiness and fulfilment in your life , then my life’s journey has not been a wasted one.