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Please visit the relevant page, TEACHERS or STUDENTS to see how L of a way 2 Pass can help you. Below are some of the testimonials we have received from our training.

I have known Diane for the past 5 years and have a great deal of respect for her achievements within driver education. She found her niche within the learner market, studying how to teach learners with dyslexia and how to help nervous drivers overcome their nerves using the tapping technique Thought Field Therapy (TFT). Out of this came her very successful book for driving instructors and learner drivers, “L of a Way 2 Pass”.

It was as a result of reading Diane’s book that I came to meet her and to learn about TFT.  She explained it to me, proved it worked by working with me, then helped me to see how I could put this into practice with my own learners. 

As a former teacher, with 28 years full time teaching experience, who herself suffered from terrible nerves when it came to Ofsted inspections, even though I was successful as a teacher, and had the respect of both the pupils and the parents, as well as other staff, nevertheless Ofsted turned me into a quivering wreck!  As a result, I left the profession and became a driving instructor instead!  So, when I met Diane, one of the first things I suggested to her was that she should take her expertise into schools and work with teachers as well as children.  I could see immediately that the techniques she uses, eliminating negative emotions for learner drivers and also driving instructors facing their check tests, could so easily transfer to my former profession to help both pupils and staff.  Her presentation skills are excellent and she has a lovely manner which inspires confidence. I only wish I had had the opportunity to meet Diane when I was teaching!

I now run a membership website for driving instructors, helping instructors to find out what sort of CPD courses are available to them. The principal vehicle for delivering this information is via webinars, delivered by experts in their field like Diane.  I was therefore delighted when Diane agreed to deliver one of my first webinars, which she did extremely well. Her delivery was clear, interesting and fully interactive, even online!  As the host for the event, I had a lot of fun, there was a lot of laughter, and the feedback received was all very positive, with a lot of gratitude expressed to Diane.

I therefore have absolutely no reservations in highly recommending Diane as a speaker in schools; teachers and pupils alike will love her and gain an awful lot from her.

Jackie Willis  Cert.Ed. Dip.DI, Dovedale,  The Street, Colton, Norwich, NR9 5AB, 01603 881557 5AB     

I am a specialist tutor, assessor and trainer working with students with specific learning difficulties, for example, dyslexia and dyspraxia. I first met Diane in 2009, when she contacted the college where I was working at the time to let us know that she had written a book for learner drivers which included advice for people with dyslexia and dyspraxia. Because I am dyspraxic and had already failed to earn to drive on two previous attempts, I decided to take lessons with Diane, and am pleased to say that I did pass. I have also seen Diane deliver  presentations.

 Diane is an excellent , confident and engaging trainer, with an understanding of the difficulties faced by pupils with specific learning difficulties and awareness of the multisensory strategies needed in order to help them learn. She has also developed strategies to help pupils who suffer with anxiety, and encourages a positive approach. She has already transferred these strategies to areas including sports performance, and I consider that she uses the same principles effectively in education.

Colleen Pearson, BA (Hons) (Open), MA (Lit) (Open), PGCE, Postgraduate Certificate in SpLD (Dyslexia), Postgraduate Certificate in SEN Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) and Related Specific Learning Difficulties, AMBDA, SpLD APC no. 50000671- IF4627 issued by PATOSS. 

49 Junction Road, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 5QN

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Mobile: 07765 808347

I have known Diane in a professional capacity for over 3 years. During this time I have had the pleasure of watching Diane give presentations at a number of events and deliver her lively workshops.

Diane has an infectious enthusiasm and an unwavering belief in all that she does. This, along with an uncanny ability to adapt to any audience, draws you in, makes you listen and want to take part. Her skills as a coach, therapist and presenter are only matched by her motivation and dedication to continually deliver her best.

I have always had an open mind regarding things such as the Thought Field Therapy techniques and believe that if it works for you, then that’s great. However, at one of Diane’s presentations to AIRSO (Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers), I found myself become a true believer as Diane invited me to be her guinea pig. The techniques worked instantly and since then I have met with many trainers who have attended Diane’s workshops, experienced the effectiveness of the techniques and gone on to use them with their pupils to great effect, tackling nerves, anxiety, negativity and a host of other issues.

Diane is a very down-to-earth, honest and open person, who is always willing to help.  I cannot recommend Diane highly enough for School Speakers. In fact, I imagine she would quickly become a great asset.

Mac McDade, Director, Ideas4ADIs Ltd
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Mobile: 07837 561622

The workshop that I attended was excellent, good fun and gave me a real insight into how to eliminate negative emotions. These emotions inhibit the learning process of students and also affect the teacher in building and maintaining confidence in their own abilities, when faced with assessments, observations and the dreaded Government inspection.

The techniques work! I use them with my students and on myself, with surprising results. I have calm and relaxed students taking their exams, confident they have the skills and knowledge to pass their exams

I'm sure Teachers will both enjoy the workshops and be quite amazed at how simple and effective the techniques are. Going into an exam or an OFSTED inspection with positive emotions can only reap positive rewards."

Geri Martin

I recently attended one of Diane's presentations interested in a new approach in reducing stress.

I found Diane's presentation to be informative, entertaining and effective.  Diane presents in a friendly style with a lot of participation from her audience.   Demonstrations are freely given to allow even the most cynical to come to their own conclusions.

The fun comes in seeing the effect that Diane's techniques have on those brave enough to volunteer themselves for each demonstration and the very obvious, often physical, effects that the techniques provide - e.g.  the dropping of shoulders as tension is let go as a natural result.

As Diane explains, the techniques can easily be transferred to every walk of life.  They are fun and enjoyable.  A little practise proves their effectiveness and I can recommend Diane's TFT presentation as a 'not to be missed' experience.   Just a different way of looking at things with a remarkably calming effect.

As a final recommendation I can vouch that Diane's online and ongoing support is as good and thorough as she promises.

An excellent way to spend an afternoon