Would you like to control your emotions rather than your emotions controlling you?

  • Anxiety disorders, fears, phobias, panic attacks, driving phobias
  • Taking your Driving Test
  • Sitting Exams at School, College or University
  • Job or University Interviews
  • Team or Individual Sports
  • OFSTED Inspections and classroom monitoring
  • Presenting and Performing
  • Driving Instructor Exams & SCs


What do all these have in common? The fact that your emotional state during these scenarios ALWAYS determines the outcome. You can't pass exams or your driving test if anxiety causes you to lose focus and not process the information required for these tests.

Sufferers of anxiety disorder, fears & phobias or panic attacks know how debilitating they can be and that you can't function in a calm and relaxed state when in the situations that cause you to panic.

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In order to be in control of your life, you MUST be in control of your emotions, rather than your emotions controlling you. So, is it possible control your emotional state? The answer is an emphatic YES, by using the proven and highly successful L of a way 2 Pass Programme.

Quite simply, the L of a way 2 Pass Programme enables your mind to TRANSFORM so you can PERFORM... whether that be on your driving test, during an interview or just in life itself!

How would it feel to no longer have to plan your life around the things that cause you fear, or to have panic attacks?

Can you picture yourself....Taking your driving test or exams feeling calm and in control, attending interviews or giving presentations full of self confidence,  overcoming your fears & phobias, or if you’re a teacher, eliminating the stress of the profession and undertaking classroom observations, and OFSTED inspections full of self assurance, all with dynamism and enthusiasm?

We have over 25 years of combined experience in helping people to overcome issues that have been holding them back, and preventing them from living life to the full. Please read About us to see why our unique blend of talents could be just what you are looking for.

Please visit the relevant page for learner drivers, driving instructors, teachers or students, or would like more information about mindfulness or dyslexia/dyspraxia


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Every year over half of the driving tests taken result in failure, often just as a result of nerves on the day rather than due to bad driving. In addition, Driving Instructors spend endless hours in unnecessary repetition. This book shows you how to pass your driving test stress free and in fewer repetitive lessons, aiding both you and your instructor. Now you need to ask yourself: are you ready for that? If you already feel completely confident in your ability, believe that you can perform all the manoeuvres correctly, drive totally without your instructor's help and guidance, and are totally confident in your ability to pass your test, then don't buy this book because you don't need it. However, if there is the slightest doubt in your mind about your confidence or competence levels, or you think that 'nerves' will get the better of you on your test, then read on, this book has been written especially for you. If you are dyslexic you will know that learning to drive can present challenges for you. Therefore, a specialist chapter has been written for you using multi-sensory learning techniques to make learning easier and much more enjoyable

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"Would you like to control your emotions rather than your emotions controlling you?"

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