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The L of a way 2 Pass ebook, helping you to help your learners

Or why not check out our Driving Test Nerves Online Course which helps learners from their very first lesson, through to test, helping them to achieve the competence/confidence balance, techniques to remember more of what you teach them, and video demonstrations of all the Stress Busting techniques described in the book

For over ten years L of a way 2 Pass has been helping learners to become safe, confident and competent drivers, and we are always striving to come up with new ways to help you to help your learners.  Whether your learner needs help to combat test nerves, has a driving phobia, is scared of particular situations, or needs a nudge in the direction of things they are likely to fail their test on, we have a resource to help, some of which are free to download.

We make it clear to learners that our resources are designed to be used in conjunction with their driving lessons, to complement, not replace their driving instructor! Our aim in producing these resources has always been to aid fellow instructors, to help with those frustrating situations that we have all faced when their learner just doesn't 'get it', or is so scared that they can't think straight, or process what they are meant to be doing. 

FREE eBook: How to beat Driving Test Nerves & Anxiety                                                                                                                                                                                                   This valuable guide can be used with all pupils who are prone to let nerves get the better of them, and features techniques from the L of a way 2 Pass book and video downloads.  

FREE  eBook: Top Ten Reasons for failure and how to avoid them                                                                                                                                                     Based on information from DVSA, this guide details the most common reasons for driving test failure, and is a great addition to back up what you are constantly talking about on lesson with your pupils, including lack of mirror checks, or not acting on information from mirror checks, manoeuvres, forward planning etc.  This handout will enforce the essential knowledge that your pupils gain on lesson with you, ensuring that they are fully prepared for their test.

FREE ADI RESOURCE: Part 2/3 & Standards Check Stress Busters                                                                                                                                                                     Just as your pupils will benefit from the Test Day Stress Busters, how would you benefit from being able to control your own nerves when it comes to DVSA exams? It's easy to fill our pupils with confidence and tell them just to drive on test as if they are on a 'normal' lesson, but is this how you feel when on your Standards Check? This essential guide will help you to keep those nerves under control when it matters most. This free eBook will be available shortly!  For now, if you download the free eBook How to beat Driving Test Nerves & Anxiety there are lots of techniques that are suitable for your own SC's and part 2/3.  For specialist help or advice please contact us