Does it frustrate you to see your friends taking exams seemingly calm, relaxed and in control of their emotions, when you’re a bundle of nerves, stressed, and totally overwhelmed?

Many schools offer the  L of a way 2 Pass Programme, helping you to master techniques to enable you to sit your exams feeling calm, relaxed, and in control, eliminate negative emotions such as stress, intimidation and frustration, and be able to give presentations and attend interviews with confidence. Please ask your school if they participate, and if not, to contact us to request our L of a way 2 Pass Programme information, which includes a range of free resources as well as access to a trained L of a way 2 Pass therapist.

When sitting school, college or university exams, you know that your whole future can be affected by the result, therefore this can be an extremely stressful time for you.  An L of a way 2 Pass session will teach you techniques to enable you to take your exams feeling calm, relaxed and in control.

The teenage years can be a stressful time, and many people experience social anxiety, awkwardness when meeting new people, as well as a range of other issues.  The techniques you will learn will benefit you in these and other areas.  Please discuss this during your telephone consultation so strategies can be made available to you during your session to help you combat these issues.

Performance Stress Buster: By working 1-2-1 we can tailor the session to your needs.  Sessions are generally 1.5 hours, and in the majority of cases, one session is all that is required. (Session Price £90.00)

Therapy sessions, including anxiety/panic attacks:  Sessions are 50 minutes and the number of sessions will vary depending on what you wish to achieve and will be fully discussed with you. (Session price £70.00)

Group Sessions:  Suitable for small groups of people with similar aims, such as students with forthcoming exams. Price varies on number of people in the group, objectives of the session, and length of session. 

If you are interested in booking a session, or would like to take advantage of our complimentary phone consultation, which gives you the perfect opportunity to ask any questions please contact us. For more information please visit our Mindfulness page.

Emotions and Performance - is there a link?

Emotions affect us every waking moment of our lives and never more so than in stressful situations. Every lesson you’ve ever had will have involved a range of emotions; some positive, some negative.

Each and every memory that we have has an emotion attached to it: you only need to think back to previous exams or stressful situations, and I guarantee that you can immediately recall the emotions that you experienced…perhaps nerves/anxiety beforehand, then immense relief once it‘s over!

To what extent can emotions slow down or speed up the learning process? Emotions are a huge determining factor in your learning ability, whether that be adversely or beneficially. For example, you may be able to perform well in a classroom environment, and then totally panic when in a pressurised situation such as during an exam, presentation or interview.

So what’s different? Not your ability, as you may be a capable pupil, but the pressure of the situation. You feel under pressure to perform well, and therefore start to question you ability, which in turn leads to panic and perhaps loss of confidence. Once this happens several times then this is a new learned reaction and you ’learn’ how to ’fear’ exams, presentations, interviews etc. This then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, ultimately affecting your ability to perform under pressure.

How will the L of a way 2 Pass Programme help you?

Learn techniques to enable you to sit exams feeling calm, relaxed and in control

Understand that you can 'choose' to talk yourself into success...or failure - the choice is yours!

Feel confident to ask questions and give presentations in front of your class, and feel at ease in college/university interviews

Gain an understanding of how emotions, both positive and negative, affect your performance.

Have access to a range of techniques to eliminate stress, anger, frustration, worry, fear, embarrassment, intimidation, and replace with self control, confidence and self esteem.

Adapt the techniques for specific needs. For example, if you're dyslexic and/or dyspraxic you can overcome negative emotions such as anxiety, embarrassment, intimidation and frustration, you may benefit from 'anger management techniques', if you're 'lucky' enough to be Gifted and Talented you may feel under pressure to maintain high performance, you may suffer with low self-esteem. Whatever your specific need, the techniques will benefit you.

What do students say about Emotions and Performance : 

 "It's hard enough being a teenager, without the added stress of having to get good grades, and then the guilt if you don't; I feel like I've let everyone down, everyone expects so much of me, teachers and my parents."

"I don't think my parents have any idea of the stress that I'm under ... it wasn't like that in their day."

"I wish that I could be as confident as my classmates, I always feel that I'm not as good as them. My teacher says I'm just as intelligent as anyone in my class, but I feel embarrassed answering questions in class as I think everyone is judging me."